Your baby will arrive soon and you have no clue what baby clothes to get? Browsing through the vast area of tiny pieces of clothing can be overwhelming. Everybody loves baby clothes! They’re tiny, cute and funny. It’s tempting to buy entire aisles, but it’s wrong – you won’t need that many. Before adding everything to your shopping cart, remember babies grow fast. So we recommend you to shop wisely! We compiled the most helpful list of newborn baby clothes you will need in their first months and beyond. You’ll avoid hours of staring at cute but useless baby outfits. Here’s how many you’ll need of each item and what you need to know about getting the best baby essentials for your baby’s first wardrobe: BABY ESSENTIALS FOR THE HOMECOMING SIDE-SNAP T-SHIRTS They’re easy to get on and off, perfect for newborns! Side-snap t-shirts are your go-to piece when trying to change their pampers or washing their feet. It’s perfect if you’ve prepared 7-10 pieces. ONESIES OR ROMPERS Onesies are the main pieces in a baby’s wardrobe. Onesies are the one-piece cotton-based clothes with long or short sleeves. Carefree outfit for the summer, under layer for the winter! You’ll be fine if you get around. Buy 7 to 10 onesies if you want to have one ready every day. They’re easy to be taken down due to their button crotch closure, so they’re perfect for newborns. Plus, the material which most of the onesies are made from is cotton, so your baby will feel very comfy. FOOTED ONESIES Footed onesies are one of the most useful pieces of clothing you can buy. It’s a one-piece pajama. They’re great for both day and night time because will keep your bundle of joy comfortable. Plus, the textures are very soft and the patterns full of joy. UNDERSHIRTS You must put the undershirts on the top of your checklist. They offer great flexibility and comfort. Some models have ties on the side, so are easier to put on a newborn baby. You can think of six or seven undershirts. Remember that most babies hate having clothing pulled down over their heads. Your best bet is to choose clothes that have zippers or buttons. Besides that, the undershirt is the best piece of clothing until your baby’s umbilical cord falls off. NEWBORN BABY SOCKS Finding socks to fit little wiggling toes feels like an impossible mission. The problem with newborn baby socks is that they fall off quickly. Your best bet is the shoes tied at the ankle! It’s good to have 10 pairs.

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